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Celebrating Humanistic Judaism by the San Francisco Bay

Upcoming Special Events

All onsite activities are suspended due to corona virus. Join us at our upcoming online Zoom events until it is safe to meet face to face once again!

See our calendar for upcoming topics and dates.

Most of our large-group event, in pre-pandemic times, were held at EITHER the Albany Community Center, 1249 Marin Avenue at Masonic in Albany, CA--OR--the Albany Senior Center at 846 Masonic in Albany. Small group meetings are held at various locations in the Bay Area.

For more information on these and other upcoming events, see our Calendar Page.







Old-timers, Newcomers, LGBTQ and Intermarried Families: Welcome to Kol Hadash!

We Kol Hadash humanists claim Judaism as our own.

  • Do you appreciate saying what you mean, and meaning what you say at Jewish services?
  • Do you appreciate a community where your intermarried and nontraditional family is welcome to belong?
  • Is being among like-minded humanists a relief and a pleasure to you?

Then perhaps we are YOUR community too. Are you the one-in-five Jewish Americans who is not a believer, as described in the latest Pew Research Center's study? We are proud to observe Judaism in a manner that makes sense to us. We understand Judaism in the context of human history, and we renew our culture in the context of humanism. Please join us! Check out our services and events on our calendar page, and support us with your membership.


Interested in Humanistic Judaism but don't live close enough to Kol Hadash?

If you join Kol Hadash, we can connect you with members in your area, or help you start a Kol Hadash havurah for members who live near you.

For those of you who live in other areas of Northern California who are interested in starting a humanistic congregation, we encourage you to join the (national) Society for Humanistic Judaism, as you will receive technical assistance and support in nurturing the growth of your new community.