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COMMUNITY: Volunteer

Volunteering for Kol Hadash

We are primarily a volunteer organization, so there are always opportunities for volunteers to plug into Kol Hadash! Whether it's helping to prepare for a service, working with the membership committee, coming up with a fundraising event, contributing food to an oneg, taking responsibility for a group event, or countless other ways, we welcome your energy, your skills and ideas. Below are just a few of the opportunities available currently to make a signficant contribution to the life of our community, and be most appreciated. Please contact us if you would like to become more active in Kol Hadash: 510-982-1455.

Calling all Ballabostas

If you would enjoy helping to set up our food and beverage tables before our services and other events, we would love to talk with you. Your work will help make Kol Hadash events a welcoming environment for all who come. Emailor call our message line and we will get in touch.

Are You a Communications Junkie?

Wanted: Members who enjoy thinking about publicity and marketing, and are willing to help coordinate our efforts to communicate with the outside world via ads, notices, press releases, website, and the newsletter. If this is you, please email Dave Harris or call him for this board position.

Do You Like Raising Money?

Do you have a background in fundraising and the ability to organize events with a committee of your choosing. This is a wonderful way to make a big impact on Kol Hadash and have the opportunity to work closely with others to make something exciting happen. Join other great people on the Kol Hadash board to continue taking us into the 21st century. Please call or email our office.

Are You a People Person?

Wanted: A member who really likes getting to know others, feels comfortable talking about Kol Hadash and humanistic Judaism, is well-organized and has the time to help think about recruitment and retension issues. Your help is particularly needed right now. Please call or email Eloise Fox.

Tikkun Olam Committee Members

Wanted: Members who are enthusiastic and have time to organize Tikkun Olam events for our membership. Your ideas and organizing abilities are dearly desired. Please email or call our office.

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