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EDUCATION: Mitzvah Program

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Mitzvah Program

The Kol Hadash Mitzvah Program has been suspended as we re-evaluate what a small congregation like ours can reasonably support. If you are a parent interested in becoming active in a parent-run humanistic Jewish Mitzvah program, please email us and help us grow our next educational program for chidren.

Curriculum includes:

* Study of the Torah as literature
* Holidays and religious life
* Jewish history, identity, and philosophy
* Comparative study of the other forms of Judaism
* Ethics/Mitzvot/Social Responsibility as Human Beings
* Hebrew, referenced in all previous classes, especially within the study of the Torah as literature.
* Values and stories within the student's own family
* Personal beliefs and how they fit in: past, present, and future

Since Jewish continuity depends upon community involvement of our youth, our mitzvah program would offer an educational program which blends reinforcement of the child's Jewish identity with service to the community.




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