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EDUCATION: Bagel Brunch Series


Bagel Brunch Series

Our Sunday morning Bagel Brunch Cafe series is held from Fall through Spring, presenting speakers or films on a variety of topics as well as a delicious spread of bagels and lox, other goodies and hot beverages.

Topics from the pasthave included the holocaust; Albert Einstein's view of the Jews; the struggle to keep science education free from sectarian religious views; the "right-to-die" (compassionate choice) movement; Jewish music, and Martin Luther King.

We honor the contributions to science and modern life of Charles Darwin each year in February with a bagel brunch and guest speaker from the scientific community.

This year's program will run from October through June, and will be held at the Albany Community Center on Marin Avenue in Albany at 10:00 A.M. Suggested donation is $ 10/pp.



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